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One-size-fits-all Marketing Plans Don’t Work. Period.


You’re too smart to fall for the so-called guaranteed fixes. The “if you do these three marketing steps, you’ll be more successful.”

You know your business is different.

You know your city is different.

You know your customers are unique.

This is why your approach to marketing must be customized.

Sure, there are good rules to follow and many things might work well on the surface. But if Taco Bell used the exact same commercial strategy as Burger King, they might have different results.

Though both fast food, Taco Bell serves quick, cheap meals. Burger King meets the burger-loving crowd. Different audiences, different strategies.

When you see another business doing some form of advertising and you think it will work exactly the same for you… well, just don’t think that.


What should you think:

1. Who is my key audience?

2. What is special/unique about my customers/company?

3. What sort of advertising/promotions have worked well before?

4. How can I try something new still grounded in the things that worked in the past?

5. How can I measure whether this is successful?


Though you don’t need such a complex thought process before placing any old newspaper ad, you’ll find more consistent messaging across the span of weeks, months and years, if you develop a marketing plan. This encompasses every ad, Facebook promotion, flyer and beyond.

Take the time now and save effort in the long run.

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