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the brilliance of the Hunger Games movie’s marketing

katniss everdeen portrait Catching Fire movieAside from the fact that The Hunger Games series was wildly popular as a book trilogy, the hype and strategy behind the marketing of The Hunger Games movie in March 2012 and now for Catching Fire, is  pure brilliance.

1. Hunger Games — everywhere — every social network. The movie is a social powerhouse on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and everything else in between. See how they have changed the game for social media promotions.

2. Strategic reveals — The Captial Couture site began in 2012 and has been a player in revealing the capitol portraits of our favorite characters.

3. Fan-posted content — The Hunger Games pages emphasize their fans and showcase their content submissions. What a way to create fans for life. Giving back. This is a powerful tool.

caesar flickerman Catching Fire movieWhat to take away: Yes, hundreds of thousands of dollars helps when it comes to a successful marketing campaign.

But what came first? In this example, the quality product. These superb stories are living on through book and movie form. The story {the product} is what is motivating people to follow these accounts and respond with their dollars at the theaters.

Quality first. Marketing second. 

And having beautiful graphics doesn’t hurt, either.