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Behind the Scenes: Journey of Eleven Moons Cover Design

Another incredible book by Ashberry Lane on the books.

The amazing writing veteran, Bonnie Leon, revised and re-released her first book, The Journey of Eleven Moons. When I received this assignment, I instantly found the background I had in mind for the cover:

WEB bigstock-Flower-meadow-in-Alaska-41480254

Then I planned to put this in the back to add some texture:

WEB bigstock-vintage-background-wall-18404702

Christina Tarabochia, publisher of Ashberry Lane and I worked with several “stock photo” models but we couldn’t find just the right person for Anna, the main character. And this amazing book deserved the perfect cover.

We turned to Ashlee Murr, who did the cover photos for Broken Wings and the rest of that series.  We found a relative of one of Christina’s friends, Maria, who definitely fit the part for Anna…

And Christina brought her daughter, Lily, along.

The rest is history.

We put the pair together, since the book follows Anna and her sister in the aftermath of a devastating tsunami.

Little Lily turned out to be a natural book cover model!

behind the scenes2

We ended up with the PERFECT shot that Ashlee showed me with her camera viewer right after she captured it. We did another couple hundred shots, but I couldn’t forget the one Ashlee showed me. Lily’s eyes were mesmerizing and Maria fit the role of the protective older sister perfectly.

WEB IMG_2741

AH-Mazing, right?

Then, it was up to me to put it all together. But with these incredible ingredients, I was confident.

Eleven Moons cover vfinal front cover web

Thank you so much to Ashlee, Maria, Lilly, Christina, Bonnie and everyone who gave feedback on this cover.

Check out the book here!